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We Reached 100 Likes!!! Thank you all!! As promised here's an excerpt--hope you guys like it and keep in mind that this might differ from the published version.


“Zac, please, I’m tired and my body is sore. Not tonight.”

I get on my side of the bed while he gets in his.He quickly straddles me holding both of my arms over my head and looks directly into my eyes.

“Dammit, Alex you are my WIFE, like it or not, so I will get fucked tonight.”

I wince at both the pain and disgust from his body and words.

“That little mouth of yours has given me a lot of lip lately and I think you owe me an apology; what better way, than to give me what I want” he breathes near my ear.

I look away from his horny perusal of my body which makes me think I should have worn more layers than the long sleeve tee and flannel pajama pants. I grit my teeth.

“I’m tired and my body hurts, please.”

“This won’t take long and I’ll make it so good you won’t even feel pain, pretty girl.”

He whispers in my ear as he starts kissing my neck. I hold back a shudder and close my eyes so tight I see stars.I take a deep breath because I know what’s coming after what I’m about to say.

“Why don’t you go fuck one of the whore’s you got on speed dial instead of fucking a dead corpse”

His eyes get wide and a look of utter shock hits his face before the first blow to my right cheekhits me. It doesn’t take me by surprise because I know he hates it when I even remotely try to question his actions or dare I say his husbandly duties; so I just swallow the blood in my mouth before I look back at him.

“Too much? Or are you surprised that I know?” I say sarcastically.

He gives me his evil eye before letting go of my hands and grabbing my chin so hard I can already feel the bruise forming. I grind my teeth as hard as I can then jerk my face away from him, otherwise it will hurt more.

“Listen to me and listen to me carefully, I will fuck who I want, when I want, that includes you. I will agree with you in the fact that fucking you is like fucking a corpse, if not worse, so in light of that, I will be fucking someone tonight, someone much, much better than you. You’re just as bad in bed as you are a wife. You should be honored that I even want to pity fuck you, you pathetic bitch!” He yells right in my face.
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I said I would post an excerpt at 50 so here it is: (Thanks for the support everyone!) **Please Keep in Mind This Might Differ Slightly from the Published Version**

“What, baby? Please, what?” he says with a playful smirk. God, even when he’s all smug he turns me on.

I look deeply into his eyes willing him to see how much I love him. I don’t know how it happened so fast but it did. Jason Robert...s stole my heart—it seems like he’s had it since the day I met him.
“Make love to me…make me yours…” I say without hesitation while biting the side of my lip.

He says nothing just places both of his hands on either side of my face being careful to not have his full weight on me. From that angle I can see the little beads of sweat starting to form on his biceps and chest from the candle light while he positions himself to push into me. I slide down to get closer but he pulls back a little.

“I want you so much…but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t. I just—I need you…please” I plead with him.

He takes one more look at my face before moving slightly off of me and getting a condom out of his pant pocket. After he sheathes himself he positions himself over me again. After he moves a stray hair away from my face he slightly pushes into me for the first time. He moans as I cry out at the feeling of being filled—by him. My eyes close while my head tilts back.

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So...we didn't reach 50 Likes on FB, but I still wanted to show some love for the people that have already shown me their support. Here is the Synopsis to my book:

Eighteen year old Alexandra has finally made it out of her abusive mother’s house alive, now going to St. Norbert College in the small town she grew up in; she wants to experience living her own life, free of abuse, but on the night she meets Jason Roberts; her fate has something different in mind.

Alexandra and Jason have a strong connection but the closer she gets to him, the further he shuts her out. This doesn’t stop Alexandra’s heart from falling in love with Jason and she fears that he might not feel the same way about her. Jason holds a lot of mystery and secrets that Alexandra tries to figure out but on a night when they are to meet, he never shows up, leaving her to mourn the loss of his absence.

Months later, he returns to tell her he’ll never be able to be with her the way that she wants to be with him. Hurt for the second time by the man she loves, Alexandra decides to move on with her life with what others told her to be “the perfect man”, Zac Millington, but as time goes by she realizes that things were never as they seemed…as he seemed.

If you had the opportunity to change what becomes your worst nightmare, would you take the chance to change it or pretend like that nightmare is what’s meant to be?

Stay is a romantic depiction of how two people that are meant to be together are torn apart by the one thing they both have in common. As they both go through their own versions of abuse, will they be able to stay after finally finding each other again?
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Hi Everyone!

Just set up my new blog. I am technology challenged so bare with me, please. I set this up as another way to communicate with fans of the book.

I am a new author, I just finished my first book "Stay". I hope that you guys like it. I will be posting excerpts whenever I start getting views and fans.

Thank You,

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